John Schott | Photography | Route 66 Motels [1973]
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These photographs were made by John Schott in the summer of 1973 as he drove Route 66 from the midwest to California and back, sleeping in his pick-up truck and photographing with an 8x10" Deerdorf view camera. All images here are from vintage contact prints on Kodak Azo paper.

Photographs are grouped into two sets: the 20 images from this series selected by curators Bill Jenkins and Joe Deal for New Topographics; and a second set of the remaining photographs from Route 66 Motels.

"Route 66 Motels" Photos Included in "New Topographics"

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"Route 66 Motels" Photos Included in "New Topographics"

Additional "Route 66 Motels" Photographs

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Additional "Route 66 Motels" Photographs

Guestbook for Route 66 Motels [1973]
Bruno Chalifour(non-registered)
Hi John,
I think the last time we spoke I was the editor at Afterimage. I am still in Rochester and writing a chapter of my thesis on New Topographics. So thank you to have your images available on your website for consultation. By the way I noticed (an editor's reflex I guess) that "Deardorff" is spelled Deardorf (an "f" is missing) and that the exhibition was dated 1973 (year of your project) when it was in 1975.

Best regards,
Christian M.(non-registered)
Beautiful photos. The Casa Blanca Motel (picture 7 in the
"Route 66 Motels" Photos Included in "New Topographics" slideshow) is located in Logan, New Mexico, which is actually along US Route 54. Still a wonderful photo.
Very Nice Work! Enjoyed them all
Really GREAT work my friend ;) Keep it up!
Bill Chandler(non-registered)
Great job! Are your photos going to be available in a book?
The guestbook is empty.